Accommodation: Evengué Lodge

Gorillas living on an island of a lagoon 10 kilometres from the Gabonese town of Omboué? Yes, it’s really true. The island is Evengué, a sanctuary and reintroduction centre for western lowland gorillas orphaned by the bush trade.

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Evengué is the ideal starting point for your Loango experience, as it introduces all the landscapes you will encounter on the rest of your journey: forest, savannah and lagoon can all be found on the island and the beach is also close by.

Things to see and do

Your experience can either start or finish with a trip to this island, which forms part of a circuit that includes the St. Anne’s Catholic Mission and the Mpivié River, whose dark waters are typical of the many small rivers that drain the coastal lowland forests.

When to go

Evengué Island is open all year round. Temperatures vary from 28 to 31 °C. The rains fall between November and April.


Have you ever dreamed of a place completely lost in time where you can see with vivid clarity how it all once was? A place of abundant wildlife, where dense jungle, savannahs, wetlands and lagoons all meet the sparkling ocean? Well it’s not just a dream – this place really exists!