Loango Lodge, set on the Iguela Lagoon opposite the national park, offers you comfortable bungalows and suites, a riverview restaurant, swimming pool and conference centre. This is the perfect base from which you can launch expeditions to the various highlights of Loango national park. read more

São Tomé / Príncipe

Luxurious resort on the tropical island of Principe Belo Monte Plantation Hotel, offering luxurious accommodation in staggeringly beautiful natural surroundings. While Belo Monte Plantation Hotel is a wonderful place to relax and recharge your spirit, there is also plenty here to explore and discover. read more

Central African Republic

Sangha Lodge is a perfect combination of comfortable and tranquility situated on the banks of the Sangha River in the Dzanga-Sangha reserve. It is a great place to start the activities in the Dzanga-Sangha National Park and a relaxing site to return to after a long day in the field. read more


Walking Safaris in Loango National Park

You can venture out with one of our eco-guides into the forest. You can encounter wildlife such as elephants and buffalo, but even more so, discover the more inconspicuous forest animals and birds.


Diving in São Tomé & Príncipe

Exploring the world under in Sao Tomé & Principe, both ancient volcanic islands, are home to some of the world ́s most spectacular rock formation, above and below the waterline.


Unique nature and cultural history

Discover the islands’ rich cultural heritage where people are happy to meet you. Take a guided tour through the virgin rainforest, visit the cocoa and sugar cane plantations or the local botanical gardens with more than 100 different species of orchids.


Fernan Vaz Gorilla Project

Come learn about western lowland gorillas, discover what the bush meat trade is, and learn more about conservation through responsible tourism.

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