Fishing in Gabon & Príncipe

Gabon and Príncipe are each known as one of the world’s least explored and most exciting Big-Game Sport Fishing destinations.


Nowhere else in western Africa is the coastal environment as unspoiled as it is in Gabon. Along the southern (Loango) coast the scenic mosaic of lagoons, sandy beaches, gallery forest and grassy savannahs remains, together with the fisheries and wildlife, in an almost pristine state. Part of this territory is protected within the Loango National Park. Fishing pressure is limited to local subsistence fishing and only two tourist operations.

The lagoon, adjacent beaches, and isolated coastal lagoons are prime sport fishing territory. At times the numbers and quality of fish is incredulous and is partly explained by the fact that the 220km² Iguéla lagoon is a rich nursery for juvenile fish that as adults are concentrated within a relatively small area.


The fishing is generally best in the rainy season (September – April), peaking from November to February, with a high density of fish feeding around the mouth of the lagoon. This amazing species richness during peak season offers the opportunity to potentially catch any of the species that are listed below, on fly, with the exception of bull sharks, guitar sharks and catfish (caught mainly on bait).

Fishing types

Most types of sport fishing are practiced, including spinning/plugging, fishing with natural baits, trolling, surf casting, fly fishing, etc. Depending on conditions, location and client preferences, fishing is done from boats, the beach, or wading. There are usually two fishing sorties per day with time for lunch and a siesta in between. Guests who prefer, can stay out all day with a packed lunch. Depending on sea conditions offshore fishing is also possible.

Boats & Guides

Africa’s Eden provides a boat and a boat driver/fishing guide (included in the price). Currentlywe have two fishing guides present. Dependent on the number of fishermen in the lodge, boats might need to be shared. We usually fish from an anchored boat using live bait or by casting lures and plugs (medium size 11-15 cm) in the same area.

The lodge is not yet equipped with fishing gear, so please bring your own gear. Two outfits are advised: 9 or 10 wt for smaller snappers, baby tarpon, and jacks, 11 or 12 wt for targeting bigger tarpon.

What can you expect to catch

African cubera snappert This impressive predator grows to in excess of 60kg and is ubiquitous; they can be expected anywhere, anytime.
Atlantic tarpon Their movements are enigmatic, the fish usually appear in the rainy season and feed in the lagoon mouth and nearby surf. Tarpon in Gabon often exceed 50kg and sometimes100kg.
Giant African threadfin An unusual, attractive predator that prefers rough, murky water, threadfin are powerful, hard and fast running and regularly attain weights of 30kgs and grow to more than 50kg.
Guinean barracuda Grow in excess of 45kgs (and 2m+ long). In the surf and lower lagoon they often smash surface lures, jumping clear of the surface on the strike.
Jacks These aggressive gluttons are often plentiful. Spinning and fly fishing are the most exciting ways to catch them.
‘Ototlithe du Sénégal’ A handsome member of the drum family that grows to at least 20kgs and is usually caught on the bottom in rough water.

The above-described fish species are caught more or less regularly but a number of other species are often caught and include: ‘liche’, saltwater catfish, grunter, springer/ladyfish, other snappers, guitarfish/sandshark, and various species of stingray and shark e.g. Bull sharks have been caught in excess of 250kgs. In some of the forest rivers freshwater species like African pike, various small cichlids (jewel fish, Tilapia, etc.) and Allestes will eagerly take a small lure or fly.


The waters of Principe are still largely unexplored. So far, 230 fish species have been distinguished of which many are endemic. At Bom Bom Island Resort on Príncipe Island, you can target the elusive large Blue Marlin and world record size sailfish that have rightfully made the area so famous, as well has its vast variety of game fish. Africa’s Eden practises a catch and release policy for all billfish captured and caters for experienced and novice anglers alike.

Diving in São Tomé & Príncipe

Exploring the world under in Sao Tomé & Principe, both ancient volcanic islands, are home to some of the world ́s most spectacular rock formation, above and below the waterline.

Excursions of Africa’s Eden

Africa’s Eden organises small-scale ecotourism excursions to all interesting sites in her destinations in west central Africa.

Fishing in Gabon & Príncipe

Gabon and Príncipe are each known as one of the world’s least explored and most exciting Big-Game Sport Fishing destinations.

Contribute to nature

Our approach aims to establish and sustain west central Africa as a unique global destination for tourism, in order to conserve and protect its natural and cultural heritage. This concept is called: “Conservation Tourism”.