Sangha Lodge

Sangha Lodge is a perfect combination of comfortable and tranquility situated on the banks of the Sangha River in the Dzanga-Sangha reserve. It is a great place to start the activities in the Dzanga-Sangha National Park and a relaxing site to return to after a long day in the field.
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The Dzanga-Sangha Reserve is part of a larger protected area, that crosses the border to Congo and Cameroon. It is the second largest rainforest area on earth. The Dzanga-Sangha Reserve is part of the Sangha River Tri-National Protected Area (STN).


The Dzanga-Sangha Reserve in the south of the Central African Republic  is the only place where it is possible to go gorilla tracking in central Africa. Not to forget the elephant bais – clearings in the jungle – where it is possible to view 30 – 100 elephants mudbathing and feeding.


The Dzanga-Sangha Reserve has a tropical climate, with lots of rainfall throughout the year. However, it does not limit tourist activities, as there are sufficient periods without rain.The best travel period is between December and March.


Due to its status as a special reserve, Dzanga-Sangha presents an experience rarely offered by protected areas in Africa: the discovery of the traditional way of life of human forest populations.