From pilot project Operation Loango to three companies

Africa’s Eden grew from a pilot project named Operation Loango initiated in 2001, with the aim to conserve the pristine nature of Gabon through small scale tourism.
The aim of Operation Loango was to develop low-impact tourism and conservation in Gabon through the concept of 'tourism pays for conservation'. The project offered small groups of tourists the opportunity to intimately experience the unique, diverse and intact ecosystems in and around Loango National Park.

Pilot project wrapped up in 2007

In 2007, the pilot project was wrapped up successfully and its activities formalised into three divisions: 

Africa's Eden

for small-scale and low impact tourism 

Africa's Connection

for regional aviation 

Société de Conservation et Développement

for research, park management and educational activities


Tourism activities

The activities of the project have grown, and we have expanded into different regions of west Central Africa:

Research activities

The name Operation Loango is now used only for research activities in Loango National park.

Our destinations in west central Africa


Africa's Last Eden The unique pristine nature of Gabon, where the wildlife of the equatorial rainforests spills out on to the Atlantic beaches >>>