Loango Lodge

Loango Lodge front view

7 luxurious, traditionally decorated bungalows, each with private terrace, most with a superb view of the tranquil river and the national park

Loango Lodge at night

River view restaurant & bar, with international cuisine

Lounge Interior

Swimming pool & poolside bar, conference centre, souvenirs and crafts shop, laundry service, room service, internet facility

Loango Lodge Paillotte

Amidst the fascinating surroundings of Loango National Park, we offer you the small but exclusive Loango Lodge, set on the Iguela Lagoon, with uninterrupted views of the wide tranquil river that separates the lodge area and the national park.

Loango Lodge  
Loango Facilities The lodge is the ideal spot to prepare for the explorations ahead or recover from the adventures enjoyed.... >>>
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Things to see & do in Loango You can discover the National Park by going on few safaris.... >>>
When to go to Loango Loango Lodge is open all year round.... >>>
How to travel to Loango Fly to Port Gentil from Libreville, boat ride from Omboue to Loango.... >>>

Tours to Loango

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News on Loango Lodge, Gabon

Re-open of Loango lodge, Gabon, 
as per 15 December 2011

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