Let your tropical dreams come true

Africa's Undiscovered Paradise

8-day itinerary São Tomé & Príncipe Island Combine the best of both islands by visiting the virtually undiscovered paradise São Tomé & Príncipe. São Tomé combines cultural and natural wonders with well-developed infrastructure, while on smaller Príncipe, you can easily feel like the first ever explorer to set foot on the island!
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Jewels of Príncipe

8-day itinerary Príncipe Island Visit Príncipe, a virtually undiscovered paradise in the Atlantic Ocean, where dense rainforests teem with exotic birds, where whales sport playfully off unspoiled, deserted beaches, where crystal-clear waterfalls cascade into azure blue ocean, and where people are friendly and happy to meet you.
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Treasures of São Tomé

8-day itinerary São Tomé Island Be one of the few tourists to visit this cone-shaped volcanic island! In addition to its tropical beaches of white and black sand, this small island offers an intriguing mix of African and European culture set amidst dense rainforest.
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Sublime São Tomé

4-day weekend itinerary São Tomé Island

Special weekend itinerary for travellers living in west central Africa. Get away for a weekend of fun and relaxation in our luxury hotel Omali Lodge and enjoy the lively town of São Tomé, go hiking in the rainforest, or take a swim at one of the secluded tropical beaches.

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Pristine Príncipe

3-day weekend itinerary Príncipe Island Special itinerary for travellers who are already on São Tomé. A few days on Bom Bom will put your body and mind completely at ease, while giving you plenty of opportunity to turn adventurous. It will feel like you are on your honeymoon!
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Fishing Príncipe

8-day fishing itinerary Príncipe Target the elusive large Blue Marlin and world record size sailfish that have rightfully made the area so famous, as well as its vast variety of game fish such as yellowfin tuna, wahoo, dorado, snapper, barracuda amongst many others.
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