Three unexplored & pristine places in west central Africa


Africa's Last Eden

Have you ever dreamed of a place completely lost in time where you can see with vivid clarity how it all once was? A place of abundant wildlife, where dense jungle, savannahs, wetlands and lagoons all meet the sparkling ocean?  Well it’s not just a dream - this place really exists! Visit Gabon, Africa's last Eden.

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São Tomé & Príncipe

Undiscovered Jewels in the Atlantic Ocean

Visit the equatorial islands of São Tomé & Príncipe, 200 kilometres off the west coast of Central Africa. With a rich cultural heritage, rugged landscapes, dense primary tropical forests and beaches of white and black sand, these islands have so much more to offer than their tiny size would suggest!

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Central African Republic

The Wildlife-filled Rainforests of the Congo Basin

One of Central Africa’s best kept secrets, that’s what they call the Dzanga Sangha Reserve in the south of the Central African Republic. This breathtaking reserve is home to large mammals such as gorillas, forest elephants, forest buffalos, large boars, and forest antelopes, in densities described as unique.

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News on Loango Lodge, Gabon

Re-open of Loango lodge, Gabon, 
as per 15 December 2011

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