You contribute to nature by visiting west central Africa

Our approach aims to establish and sustain west central Africa as a unique global destination for tourism, in order to conserve and protect its natural and cultural heritage. This concept is called:  "Conservation Tourism". 

A pragmatic approach to conserving nature

The director of Africa's Eden, Rombout Swanborn, spent part of his childhood in the Gamba region of Gabon. When he returned to Gabon after many years, he realised that west central Africa is one of the few places on earth that has remained relatively untouched by humankind, and that it deserves to be conserved for current and future generations.

What is conservation tourism?

Rombout Swanborn is an entepreneur who believes passionately in a pragmatic, sustainable approach to conservation. Africa's Eden and Société de Conservation et Devéloppement's approach to conservation is tourism. Allowing small-scale, high-end tourism in west central Africa, means that its nature can be preserved by investing the profits, while at the same time bringing employment and education. 

You contribute to nature by visiting

For you, the visitor to these pristine places, west central Africa offers the opportunity to understand and care about the ecosystems you visit, to discover and learn about little-known biological spectacles, creating a product that is unique to this region. Nick Nichols (photographer) about Loango National Park in National Geographic, August 2004:

The biodiversity here is amazing. This is life at its fullest 

- Nick Nichols, National Geographic

Our Conservation Partners

Max Planck Institute

Loango National Park, GabonA  project of wild lowland gorillas and chimpanzees within Loango National Park for the joint purposes of ecotourism and research. >>>

Fernan-Vaz Gorilla Project

Evengué Island, Gabon

A project that focuses on caring for western lowland gorillas rescued from the bush meat trade.