Africa's best kept secret

One of the best kept secrets...

The Dzanga-Sangha reserve in the south of the Central African Republic is one of Central Africa's best kept secrets

Millions of hectares of rainforest

Most of the country is covered by wooded savannah, however, the southern part of the country consists of several million hectares of rainforest

Wildlife-filled rainforest

The Dzanga-Sangha reserve is over 4,000 km2 and filled with large mammals such as forest elephants

Dzanga Bai from above

The Dzanga saline offers tourists the possibility to observe between 40 to 100 elephants daily from an elevated platform located at its edge

Western lowland gorillas

The Dzanga Sangha Reserve constitutes part of the habitat of the western lowland gorilla

Gorilla Tracking

Visitors have the unique opportunity to track and observe a habituated group of gorillas in the Dzanga-Sangha Reserve

Mother gorilla with her baby

Traditional life of the BaAka Pygmies

CAR is populated by 3.3 million inhabitants and 11 etnic groups. The most numerous are the Gbaya, Banda and Bantu. The BaAka pygmies live in the rainforest in the south of the country

Bonds with the gods and spirits

The essence of the BaAka culture, that has been preserved over the millennia, is mainly expressed in music and dance, serving to maintain their bonds with their gods, spirits and ancestors

One of Central Africa’s best kept secrets, that’s what they call the Dzanga Sangha Reserve in the south of the Central African Republic. This breathtaking reserve is home to large mammals such as forest elephants, forest buffalos, large boars, gorillas and forest antelopes, in densities described as unique.

A small piece of paradise

Visitors to the Dzanga-Sangha area with its numerous forest clearings are guaranteed viewing of forest species such as forest elephants, sitatunga and forest buffalo. The protected areas are also a bird watcher's paradise and an area rich in lowland gorillas and bongo, the largest species of forest antelope. The richness of this landscape not only includes animals but also includes the tropical forrest.

Friendly population

The charm and the friendliness of the local population also adds to the charisma of this area making the part of CAR a small piece of paradise or

the last authentic Eden of the African continent
as a journalist wrote in the November 3, 2001 edition of France Soir.

Far from turbulence

The Central African Republic (CAR) is surrounded by Cameroon, Chad, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo. After gaining independence in 1960, the country suffered many years of misrule and unrest, mainly in the north. Since 2005, the government is taking steps to restore order and to move towards stability.

Far from the turbulence in the northern prefectures and close to the town of Bayanga lies the Dzanga-Sangha reserve. The reserve encompasses an area of more than 4,000 km2. Two central parts of the reserve are the Dzanga and Ndoki sectors, which together constitute the Dzanga Ndoki National Park.

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