Bom Bom Island Resort

Bom Bom Island Resort

Aerial view of the exclusive resort on the northern shore of Principe

Bom Bom, a tiny islet

The restaurant, bar and marina can be reached by crossing a wooden walkway

A true haven of luxury & calm

At Bom Bom, you will have our 2 secluded beaches all to yourself

Enjoy a swim in the pool

and sip cocktails at the poolside bar

Overnight at recently upgraded bungalows

Bom Bom Island resort has 21 luxury bungalows each with ensuite bathroom, air-conditioning, satellite TV, telephone, mini-bar, veranda with lounge suite.

Simply relax at the beach...

Enjoy our cocktails and beach barbeques on one of Bom Boms secluded beaches or at Banana Beach


Air-conditioned restaurant and bar with open-air deck (international cuisine)

Romantic dinners

Enjoy the chef's delicacies

What better location for enjoying a choice of local as well as international delicacies than the outside deck of the restaurant
The tropical island of Príncipe is a virtually undiscovered paradise in the Atlantic Ocean, close to Gabon. On the northern shore of Príncipe lies the exclusive Bom Bom Island Resort, offering luxurious accommodation in staggeringly beautiful natural surroundings.
Bom Bom Island Resort  
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Tours to Bom Bom

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